Best Wedding Destinations

Best Wedding Destinations best-wedding-destinations-sandals-southcoast

Finding the best wedding destination isn’t always as easy as it looks. You must consider laws, marriage requirements (legal documents, bloodwork, how many days in advance you must arrive in the country, etc.)  If you’re inviting guests, you should also consider accessibility and affordability on their part. 

The Caribbean includes some of the best wedding destinations, but not all islands are created equal. St Lucia has dark sand, so the surrounding water isn’t turquoise. Mexico and the Dominican Republic have lots of all-inclusive resorts, which means the marriage documents must be translated from Spanish to English. Mexico requires a blood test, and will refuse the marriage if a partner tests positive for STDs or pregnancy. Some islands allow marriage to take place after being on the island only 24-hours. Others require several days. Even others require the couple to apply for a marriage license at the courthouse in person.

All-Inclusive Resorts

The sheer number of all-inclusive resorts, each one claiming to offer the best destination weddings, can be overwhelming. While they all look great online, they can actually vary greatly in size, ambiance, personality and the level of luxury. Choosing the wrong resort brand (or even the wrong resort within a brand) would be a bummer.

You’ll want to choose a resort that matches your style and allows you to personalize your weddingwith no hidden costs or unwelcome surprises on your final bill. Even all-inclusive resorts offering free destination weddings sometimes have costs and disclaimers hidden in the fine print.   

Guest Considerations 

If you’re inviting guests, you need to make sure your chosen resort fits their budget. Otherwise, they’re likely to stay elsewhere and you’ll be stuck footing the bill for a day pass in order for them to attend your wedding. 

Keep in mind who you want to attend your wedding before you book your resort. You want to make sure your chosen resort fits your guests’ budget, because the more rooms booked, the more upgrades you’ll receive.

Couples only resorts (such as Sandals) are romantic, but you’ll have some issues with single guests. Rooms are priced for two guests, and you may need to get single guests (even Grandma) approved by the resort.  

If children will attend your wedding, they won’t be able to stay at an adults only resort. Some resorts will allow them on property for the wedding only, but they and their caretaker(s) will  miss most of the fun that’s a part of destination weddings.  

You can solve this problem by getting married at a family resort, then leaving your guests to finish their vacation while you honeymoon at a romantic couples only resort.

Speaking of Guests…  

Do you really want to field travel related questions from your guests over the next few months? It’s much less stressful to direct your guests to a travel adviser who can answer their questions and keep track of their bookings.  

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